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 Peter’s Picture: An Educational Video Series in American Sign Language (ASL)

Peter’s Picture was developed for children ages 3-6 particularly for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children to learn ASL and written English through ASL. It is our hope that Early Childhood Educators view the videos with children in the classroom and that parents view the videos with their children in the home so that they can learn ASL together while their children are also learning key literacy skills (see Ways to Learn While Viewing page).


Plot Summary: The characters in the videos include Peter, Rika Roo (a hearing raccoon learning ASL) and four deaf children. Every episode begins at Peter’s Place where kids learn the letter of the day, theme-related vocabulary words in ASL and printed English and then visit a location that corresponds with the letter. During their adventure Peter takes pictures. When they return to Peter’s Place, they sequence the pictures of key events, make a book about their adventure, play a word game and finally have story time where Peter reads “aloud” (in ASL) the story of their adventure.


You may watch the videos in full screen.

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