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Peter’s Picture incorporates research-based strategies to teach ASL, Vocabulary and English print to preschool children

After viewing one episode multiple times:

      Children can learn vocabulary words in sign, fingerspelling and written English

     Children can identify characters, setting, story events, and sequence them increased

      Children can learn even with limited previous exposure to ASL even from videos with no sound

      Children can learn regardless of use of amplification (hearing aids, cochlear implants etc).

    Hearing children’s can learn ASL and literacy skills too!


Results from Recent Research:

  • Children displayed a number of literacy-related behaviors while viewing, which increased with multiple viewings  (Golos, 2010a)
  •  A significant increase in target vocabulary in ASL and print English after viewing the same video three times (Golos, 2010b)
  •  Greater increase in literacy behaviors with teacher mediation (Golos & Moses, 2011)
  •  Significant increase pre-post test for sequencing, knowledge of story elements, vocabulary (Golos & Moses, 2013)
  • Increase in skills with follow up teacher activities (Golos & Moses, 2015)
  • Benefit hearing children as well (Moses, Golos & Bennett, 2015)


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