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What is Peter’s Picture?

  •  An interactive educational adventure video series  designed to help preschool-aged children develop American Sign Language and literacy skills.
  •   Each video has the same structure, but differ in the focal theme and vocabulary words
  • Designed for visual learners using a visual language (American Sign Language, ASL)
  •   Each video targets key early ASL and literacy skills, including vocabulary, letter recognition, concepts of print, comprehension, and grammatical features of ASL
  •   Targeted to 3-6 year old children
  • Models fluent ASL
  •  Models Deaf cultural rules
  • Shows Deaf characters interacting with other Deaf characters (both children and adults)
  • Incorporates visual effects (flashing lights, sparkles etc.)

Peter’s Picture Incorporates Research Based Practices

  • Models a literacy rich environment
  • Interactive: Asks questions of the audience/pause/wait for a response then confirm
  • Makes connections between ASL, fingerspelling and English print
  • Provides concrete visual information (pictures/print/real objects in the environment)
  • Makes connections between the story and children’s lives
  • Discusses/models problem solving skills

Targeted Skills Within Each Episode (Golos & Moses, 2013a)


Letter of the Day


ASL/Cultural Knowledge

Our Trip to the Farm


  Farm, pumpkin, corn, flower, tractor

How to get attention (tap shoulder)

Our Trip to Paulie’s Pizza


Pizza, cheese, napkin, pepperoni,  table

How to get attention (flash lights/tap table)/Introductions

Our Trip to the Library


Library, librarian,  library card, quiet, borrow

Introductions/ASL handshapes, quiet in library

Our Trip to Country Bob’s Backyard


Backyard, egg, goat, chicken, rabbit

Introductions/How videophones work, classifiers-chicken walk

Skills Across Videos (Golos & Moses, 2013a)

Skill or Knowledge Are

How Skill or Knowledge Area is Addressed

Concepts of Print

Asking about and explaining that books have titles, where to start reading, and direction of print


Explicitly sequencing the 5 main events that take place  during each adventure

Vocabulary (related to print)

Asking about, discussing or explaining the meaning of title, sentence, page, word, story, book

Story Elements

Discussing characters (who they are), setting, and solving problems within the plot

Deaf Culture

Demonstrating/discussing turn taking and ways of getting attention; Modeling Deaf characters interacting with each other in ASL and in a Deaf culturally friendly environment. Modeling Deaf characters communicating through videophones